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Our partners at the City of Florence are awesome! Committed leadership, forward focused, business and tourism friendly, compassionate, and in-tune with what’s going on. The Chamber and the City collaborate on several fun events and important issues that keep people employed and engaged in commerce to make this the most livable city (we think) anywhere! The City recently became a Coast Guard City and a Tree City and has won a number of national accolades.

The City of Florence operates under a Council-Manager form of government. Therefore, the City Council is the elected legislative and policy-making body of City Government and the City Manager is responsible for administering daily operations. Duties of the City Manager include:

  • Keeping the Council advised of the affairs and needs of the City.
  • Enforces, and sees that all terms of franchises, leases, contracts, permits, and privileges granted by the City are observed.
  • Responsible for hiring and the general supervision of all employees. Acts as the purchasing and business agent for the City.
  • Responsible for preparing and submitting the proposed annual budget. Supervises the operation of all utilities owned and operated by the City.

City of Florence Services

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