Save money processing credit cards for your business, government agency or non-profit.

Why Me?

I save businesses money on their Merchant Services.  With over 8 years experience, I have a 95% retention rate and 100% of my clients stayed with me when I moved from Loveland, Colorado to Florence, OR.  YOU and your business are important to me and I let you know it through my actions.  I’m not a fly-by-night shady salesperson knocking on your door.   As part of the Chamber Board of Directors, an Ambassador and a volunteer member of the the Siuslaw Vision team, I am promoting our local businesses and community.

Don’t I get the best rates from my bank?

Not necessarily.  I am independent.  I work with multiple merchant services processors, including those used by your bank.  And I have access to many your bank doesn’t use because, whomever they’ve chosen to use, they almost always only use one.  This gives me the ability to shop around for the best solution for your business – the best technology, the best pricing, the best terms.  You still deposit into the same bank accounts you’ve always used.  Nothing else changes.  Sometimes, banks have services/loans that offer better rates if you use their merchant services.  It’s important to review this with the whole picture in mind.  Sometimes, going through a bank makes more sense.  I’m more than willing to help you figure that out.  What could you do with the savings? 


What do I offer that relates to Merchant Services?

  • Physical Terminals: Traditional Terminals (phone and/or Ethernet), Wireless Terminals
  • Mobile Payment Methods: Mine cost less than Square and Intuit and work with iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, Android Phones
  • POS Systems:  I support multiple POS systems
  • Virtual Terminals including Recurring Payment and Billing
  • Website Integration: Shopping Carts, Donation Acceptance
  • ATMs
  • WEX (for accepting Fleet vehicle credit cards)
  • Gift Loyalty Cards
  • Cash Advance Funding Programs
  • Customer Loyalty Programs

I am also more than willing to tell you when a traditional processor may not be the best solution for you and something like Square is more appropriate.  GET YOUR FREE ANALYSIS TODAY.

What if I don’t need credit card processing but need working capital?  If you are B2B and invoice, I can help!

How would you like to get paid NOW when you invoice your B2B clients?

I am one of a handful of people able to offer a program that allows you to get paid now for B2B Accounts Receivable orders.  If you are tired of being the bank and offering terms of 30, 60, 90 days or you hesitate to take on a new project or client because it would cripple your cash flow, then you need NOW. Check out how you can get your money NOW for your new invoices without risk to you for only 3%.  It’s less expensive than taking a loan and it’s easy to do.  Learn how others have used this program to build their businesses.


Understanding your Priorities starts with your Values and making sure they are aligned with your work or that you find a way to align your work with those Values.  There is more to life than a paycheck.  Finding out what you define as your success, your passion, your mission helps you create a more satisfying life.

When you create systems that support your business, your job,  and have the right tools in place, you save time, money and peace of mind.

When you are able to maximize your efforts, you increase your income and your ability to adjust to unforeseen events.


With years of experience teaching classes in Corporate America, at CollegeAmerica. IBMC, and at networking events, I can create material on a topic for you or take your material and present it to your intended audience.


I also have had facilitator training, helping me better manage a room, an event, and maximize the attendee experience for positive impact and implementation of the topic at hand.


Serving the Central Oregon including Eugene, Springfield, AlbanyCorvallis, Salem, and the Oregon Coast including Astoria, Bandon,  Brookings, Coos Bay,  Dunes City,  Florence, Gold Beach, Lincoln City, Mapleton,  Newport, North Bend, OceansideReedsport, Waldport,  and Central Colorado including Fort Collins, and Loveland.  In addition, I can support a business in any part of the United States.

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