OSHA Temporary COVID 19 Rules in Effect Now – Make sure your organization is compliant.

The recently adopted Oregon OSHA Temporary COVID-19 rule includes a series of deadlines, including three inter-related requirements. Under the rule, employers must complete both the required Risk Assessment and the Infection Control Plan based on that Risk Assessment by December 7, 2020 and must complete the required Infection Control Training (based in part on the Infection Control Plan) by December 21, 2020. A 3-week implementation delay has been granted for certain employers – including restaurants, gyms and other businesses impacted the recent “freeze” and by the newly adopted risk levels. All other employers who have been working to comply but have not yet completed that work are granted a 1-week grace period. You can read more about this in OR-OSHA’s memo. Important timelines to remember: Base Rule: Effective November 16, 2020 Physical Distancing Masks Cleaning & Sanitation Poster posted Building Operator Rules: November 23, 2020 Exposure Risk Assessment: December 7, 2020* Infection Control Plan: December 7, 2020* Employee Training: December 21, 2020 Ventilation Requirements […]