In a state that measures nearly 100,000 square miles, two of the top-20 landmarks to visit are within about 10 miles of each other in Florence. The Oregonian/ recently published their list of the 20 most iconic landmarks in Oregon. Author Jamie Hale defined “landmark” as any natural or manmade feature that helps define a place in Oregon, explaining that “If it’s worthy of a postcard, it’s a landmark.” Hale ranked Sea Lion Caves at number 16 writing, “It’s been built up and turned into a tourist attraction for the last 75 years, but there’s no denying the grandeur of the Sea Lion Caves. The towering sea cave just north of Florence is home to a Steller sea lion rookery, which generally stays inside the cave in the fall and winter, heading out to the rocky shores come spring and summer. “ At number nine on his list are the […]