Souvenir Florence Charm Bracelets Now Available!

Create a one-of-a-kind souvenir of your visit to Florence, as you follow the Charm Trail through town. Pick up your bracelet and signature charm, available only at a Trail Head (Florence Chamber Visitors Center!) for $5.00. Then visit each Stop around Florence and add other charms for $2.00 each to complete your bracelet. Download locations here! Look for the YELLOW door signs! Follow the trail in any order you choose, and have a Charming time in Florence! The Charm Trail is a Program of the Siuslaw News (541) 997-3441.


Button, button—who’s got a button? By the third weekend of May, Rhododendron Festival organizers hope everyone in Florence will have, and be wearing, one of this year’s Rhododendron Festival buttons. And this year, there is a delicious, old-fashioned benefit that comes with pin ownership. Get your pin here. This year’s pin follows the festival’s theme, “Always Ready to Rhody”—a motto borrowed from the Coast Guard’s “Semper Paratus,” or Always Ready. In honor of the Coast Guard’s centennial anniversary in Florence, USCG Station Siuslaw River was chosen to be this year’s honorary parade grand marshals. The festival button features the Always Ready motto, an anchor, a patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme, and the traditional rhododendron bloom. The Florence Area Chamber of Commerce, organizer of the May 19-21 event, is bringing back two of the festival’s past traditions—metal campaign-style buttons and clam chowder. For many years of their history, the Rhody […]


This is the year to celebrate Oregon’s beautiful—and singularly protected—beaches. It’s the 50th anniversary of Oregon’s Beach Bill, signed into law on July 6, 1967 to safeguard beaches from development. But it easily could have been a different story. When lawmakers first introduced it, the bill faced steep opposition from private developers. Luckily, a few individuals alerted Oregonians to what they stood to lose, which helped turn a trickle of public support into a tidal wave.  After months of  battle, the bill was signed into law. And so it is that today, 50 years later, Oregonians and visitors from all over the world can continue to explore Oregon’s beloved beaches. Take a stroll, hunt for agates, dip your toes in the sand—and know this beach is  yours and mine and everyone’s to treasure and protect, forever. Now that’s something to celebrate.

We can’t wait for Spring and Summer!

Whale watching hits its springtime peak over the next couple of weeks. Learn more here. Some of the best viewpoints are just a few miles north of Florence! Come grab a cup of coffee from one of our great roasters, and a meal to go from one of our great restaurants, and make it a day…or two. FlorenceFest, our new wine, art, and jazz festival is coming March 31 and April 1. Tickets are available at the bottom of this page. This will be an event for the senses with 20 wineries, nearly a dozen awesome jazz acts, and a prestigious juried art show with entrants from all over the west coast. Before you know it, it’ll be time for the 110th Annual Rhododendron Festival from May 19 to 21. This is one of the longest running flower-themed festivals on the west coast. Carnival tickets go on sale soon. Save […]

You’ve heard it said of many places, “Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes.”

That can easily describe this time of year in Oregon’s Coastal Playground. And that’s one of the things we love about this place. After all, you don’t want to be bored with the same weather day after day, do you? This week has seen snow (a real rarity on the coast), hail, rain, and sunshine (at the moment). We’re anticipating another round of dramatic storms soon. You know, the kind that can send the waves crashing dramatically against the bluffs and rocks? This week gets us one step closer to Spring Break. We love Spring Break. We get to meet people from all over the west coast…and beyond. Just take a walk down our beautiful Bay Street in Historic Old Town Florence and you’re likely to hear a number of different languages and accents from around the world. Did you know, whales take Spring Break too? Spring whale watching begins in […]

Siuslaw Awards a Huge Success!

2016 Siuslaw Awards A Royal Affair 9th annual Florence Area Chamber of Commerce event honors Florence-area citizens, businesses By Jack Davis/Siuslaw News A full house of 245 people gathered at the Florence Events Center Wednesday evening to celebrate the best of Florence during the ninth annual Florence Area Chamber of Commerce Siuslaw Awards banquet celebration. More than 30 businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals were nominated for nine categories. A panel of seven unidentified judges from in and outside the Florence area selected the winning applicant in each category. All winners were kept secret until the awards presentation. Florence Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bettina Hannigan said, “I really wanted this event to reflect the level of integrity, honor and service that these people have dedicated to our community.” Ron Caputo was selected as the 2016 Florence First Citizen. During his acceptance comments, Caputo jokingly drew a lighthearted analogy to […]