New videos page added to website

We’ve added a new VIDEOS page to our website that presents a selection of our favorite videos from Florence and the surrounding Oregon Coast region. Under the VISIT tab in the top menu is a new VIDEOS link to take you to the current videos. There you will find exciting footage of the Siltcoos River Canoe Trail, Cape Perpetua, camping at the South Jetty, and Heceta Head Lighthouse and BNB. Florence Chamber will change the video content from time to time on this new page, so bookmark now and check back often. You can view the videos right now by clicking here.

Rhododendron Festival Window Display Contest

Our beautiful city will continue to host thousands of guests for the 109th Rhododendron Festival. Every business in town has the opportunity to greet the visitors with fabulous first impression window displays at their location and enter our contest for the best display. With 108 previous Festivals, you have some great history to draw upon or be truly innovative and create your own unique theme for Catch the Wave! Entice customers into your store while we celebrate with your best window display. Need some tips, take a look here. Download the form below for all of the details. Window Display Contest Form Master  

Florence Voted Best Oregon Coast Getaway in Poll

Pose the survey question: What is the best Oregon Coast getaway and folks will respond with great enthusiasm…Florence. We know this because asked that exact question and we rose to the top exceptionally fast. All of the other cities were actually entered in the survey 48 hours before Florence was, so we really needed to hustle to encourage people to let the world know how much they love Florence as a getaway. Thanks to Scott Steward of Creative Wave Marketing, a Chamber Member, the survey was brought to the attention of the Chamber’s marketing partner, Celeste/Daniels Advertising and Design. They teamed to promote the survey through social media and even with a few emails and texts to folks they knew loved to getaway in Florence. It is really fabulous to read over 115 positive remarks about how much people relish visiting Florence and how proud they are to vote […]

Away for a Day: Sand Dunes, Sea Lions and Serenity

Portland Family Magazine author Candice Tutterrow just published a great article telling the enjoyable story of her family’s recent trip to Florence, which she calls one of the “best places” anyone can visit on the Oregon Coast. In the article, Tutterrow describes the scenic drive south down Highway 101, with a stop at Sea Lion Caves and a visit to Heceta Head Lighthouse and State Park. After arriving for their overnight lodging at Driftwood Shores where she enjoyed the indoor water feature, her family set out the next day to explore the city and surrounding area. She writes: “The town of Florence is a balanced mix of modern and classic. With a population of about 9,000, Florence is big enough to have convenient stores like Fred Meyer, but still retains its small-town feel. What a surprise it was to find a vintage A & W operating with car hops and […]