Florence is home to many talented and informed real estate companies and individual professionals who stay on top of (and ahead of) housing trends in our area. The market here is hot and we highly recommend working with a local agent/broker to find your new home before moving to the area. Many are experts in the rental market too. There is great potential for builders and contractors here as well.

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My name is Randy Paredes , my family and I came to Florence in January of 2004 and we love living here on the Oregon coast. We raised two of our children right here on the coast and are continuing to have a wonderful experience. My wife Lydia is a flight attendant and my children are grown and live in various parts of Oregon. My hobbies include coaching baseball and broadcasting high school…

Serving the Oregon Coast and Willamette Valley

At West Coast Real Estate Services Incorporated, we are dedicated to exceptional service and outstanding broker/client relationships.  Your “West Coast Team” is an independendtly owned Real Estate and Property Management office striving to combine cutting edge practices with experience in order to provide you with hands-on service.  We work hard to keep you informed on marketplace trends because informed buyers and sellers make the best decisions.