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  The Oregon Coast Military Museum, a 501c3 non-profit, opened its doors in Florence, on the Oregon coast, on July 4th, 2015, after a seven-year effort by locals to build a museum to honor the more than 20% of Florence-area residents who are Veterans. Intended to honor all eras of military heritage and all disciplines of military service, it is a small museum in comparison to other military museums around the country. The 3,000-square foot display space is filled with life-sized dioramas depicting scenes from WWI to Vietnam, plus a scaled diorama of a typical Iraqi village depicting a US military convoy traveling through. While small by museum standards, this facility is jam-packed with artifacts, mementos and experiences all in an effort to serve the Museum’s mission “To Honor our Veterans by Educating Our Public.” In addition to a small gift shop, the Museum also features a…

The Siuslaw Pioneer Museum is the home of historic displays, pictures and other information about the Siuslaw River area, including The Pioneers and the City of Florence. These displays feature the Pioneers whose occupations were primarily as loggers and fishermen. In the early days the Siuslaw River was the primary and nearly exclusive means of travel in the area. Visitors to the museum will have the opportunity to see real settings that these early pioneers lived in.