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Small to mid-sized businesses benefit from having our team of HR professionals provide support and design custom solutions to achieve their goals. So what do we do exactly? We take care of the administrative mayhem that takes up hours in your day- so you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business!!

The Lane Small Business Development Center offers a multitude of support services for small businesses, from start-up to established, from small to medium, with 1-500 employees and up to 25 million in sales. Services include: Small Business Management programs, entrepreneurial workshops and confidential, no-cost business advising and resources for every stage of business growth—from hire to acquire and everything in between. Whether your business has been in existence for a hundred years, or is just starting out, the Lane SBDC has the right specialized tools and expertise to help you find success.

Oregon RAIN serves entrepreneurs in Oregon’s South Willamette Valley and Mid-Coast by helping them turn ideas into high impact, innovative, traded-sector companies that can grow and thrive locally. We connect startup companies to the resources they need to help them start or scale (including access to programs, mentors, capital, talent, office/lab space and more).

Business and financial consulting.