Tiny Town Travels Visits Florence!

Tiny Town Travels Visits Florence!

Tiny Town Street

This fun and informative interview will wet your whistle and get you even more excited about hitting the road to Florence! You can see the link and listen to the interview HERE.

Here’s what Tiny Town Travels say about their purpose.  

Tiny in size, big in character.

Tiny towns bring a unique flavor to a world that can often feel like it’s being manufactured in a warehouse and differentiated only by the welcome sign as you arrive.

Our scope is simple. Bringing together local voices and fun facts, we hope to inspire you to burst out of the every day bubble and explore the wondrous offerings of tiny towns near and far. Toe-curling historical legends, stunning vistas, delectable seasonal produce, and colorful locals with arms wide open awaits.

Join us as we visit destinations with a population of 10,000 people or less, Listen, enjoy, and share the tales of Tiny Town Travels.

The Florence Area Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Stacy and the gang at Tiny Town Travels for sharing Florence in such a fun and interactive way!