Florence City Council; Elliott State Forest; Archie Knowles Campground; WindFest; and Newport Police look for a dog

Florence City Council; Elliott State Forest; Archie Knowles Campground; WindFest; and Newport Police look for a dog

Construction projects to be topics of conversation for City Council

Capital projects will be a key component Monday evening for the Florence City Council.  Elected officials will hear a report on the costs involved in seeking LEED certification for the new Public Works headquarters that will begin construction later this year.  In a report to the council, City Manager Erin Reynolds the construction budget is already going to be very “lean” and the fees for applying for the energy efficiency certification could range between 75-and-90-thousand-dollars.   Meanwhile, she adds, many of the design elements already incorporated will bring nearly all of the benefits.

In another report, councilors will hear an update on the need to renovate and remodel the 50-plus-year old City Hall.

A preliminary design would include construction of a new City Council Chamber in the front of the building and the existing council chambers would be remodeled along with the rest of the building to include more secure and efficient spaces.

The Council meets Monday evening, six pm, at City Hall.

Elliott State Forest gets a pricetag

The Oregon Division of State Lands has put a pricetag on the 85-thousand acres that are the Elliott State Forest in Coos and Douglas Counties:  $221-million; a value based in part on three independent appraisals.

The State is required to manage the forest land to benefit the Common School Fund.  But, over the past decade, it has cost more to manage than it has generated, causing a loss to the fund.

The Oregon Department of Forestry wants to sell the land and they’ve listed a set of criteria… most of which they also blame for the operating deficit… that potential buyers must adhere to.  Things like protecting old-growth forests; watershed preservation; continued recreational access, and providing for at least 40 direct or indirect full time jobs annually for ten years.

Proposals must be received by November 15th.

Windfest blows into Old Town

The Port of Siuslaw has been hosting weekly events and music on the Boardwalk every Friday and Saturday since mid-June.

It’s called “Wind Fest” and is intended to convince people to get out and enjoy the waterfront in spite of… and sometimes in defiance of… the gusty summer winds.

Activities continue this weekend as well.  From noon to five Saturday Oregon State University biologist Kaety Jacobson will conduct tours of the dock for what is described as a “yummy class” called “shop the dock”.

Saturday evening from six to nine pm the Weekenders, a – quote – “raw” rock and roll band out of Salt Lake City, will be in concert on the stage at the east end of the boardwalk.

Reserve your spot at Archie

Campers headed to the newly renovated Archie Knowles Campground on Highway 126 east of Mapleton can now reserve their spots online.

Reservations are now being accepted for the park on the Lane County Parks Reservation System.  Parks supervising analyst Charlie Conrad said visitors have been using the facility since it reopened in June on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  But now they’ll be able to know they have a spot before they leave home.

The website, at reservations-dot-lanecounty-dot-org allows reservation access to all of Lane County’s parks and group campgrounds.

Newport police seeking dog

Newport police say a dog they hit with a stun gun after its owner urged it to attack is now on the loose.

The Register-Guard reports a 24-year-old Newport man was arrested Wednesday on charges of assault and resisting arrest after he told his medium-size pit bull to threaten and bite at officers.

The police were called after both the man and his dog were being aggressive to patrons at a pub. Officers asked the man to leave, but he resisted and ordered the dog to act aggressively. As he left the pub, the dog bit at one of the officers. The man let the dog loose and officers shot it with a stun gun.

The dog fled. Residents are asked to call police if they see it.