Away for a Day: Sand Dunes, Sea Lions and Serenity

Portland Family Magazine author Candice Tutterrow just published a great article telling the enjoyable story of her family’s recent trip to Florence, which she calls one of the “best places” anyone can visit on the Oregon Coast.

In the article, Tutterrow describes the scenic drive south down Highway 101, with a stop at Sea Lion Caves and a visit to Heceta Head Lighthouse and State Park. After arriving for their overnight lodging at Driftwood Shores where she enjoyed the indoor water feature, her family set out the next day to explore the city and surrounding area. She writes:

“The town of Florence is a balanced mix of modern and classic. With a population of about 9,000, Florence is big enough to have convenient stores like Fred Meyer, but still retains its small-town feel. What a surprise it was to find a vintage A & W operating with car hops and the original cane sugar root beer recipe! Historic Old Town Florence has likewise been preserved. It is captivating, lovely and serene.”

Tutterrow experienced the many “too much to do in just one day” aspects of Florence, writing:

“What was our favorite part of Florence? It’s hard to be sure – we didn’t get to do everything. Our plan is to make another trip there when we’re in the mood again for something different. However, Florence definitely has enough unique opportunities to make the scenic yet longer drive worthwhile.”

The article is a great read, and can be found here.