Are the Dunes, Parks, & Campgrounds Open? Maybe So – Maybe No. CHECK BEFORE GOING

Are the  Dunes, Parks, & Campgrounds Open? Maybe So – Maybe No. CHECK BEFORE GOING

Things are changing daily – here are the links for our most popular US, State & County Parks. Stay up on what’s open here – US Forest Service Parks, State Parks, Beaches & Dunes and  Lane County Parks.

Many Florence Area shops, restaurants, RV Parks and hotels are open.

Please remember that Phase I: Non-essential travel is not allowed and it’s still important to stay local. Continue to avoid overnight and non-essential trips, including recreational day trips to destinations outside of your community. Those who reside in a county that has not reopened are asked to be thoughtful and stay home.

Essential travel: Generally, essential travel refers to going distances for work, caring for family or other vulnerable populations, or the need to acquire essential items like food and supplies, medical care and prescriptions, emergency services, shelter and legal or financial necessities.

Non-essential travel: Overall, non-essential travel is not crucial to the functioning of society during a crisis. This includes outdoor recreation activities as well as vacations and other leisure activities. Non-essential travel is not allowed in Phase 1. It is currently unclear when non-essential travel will be allowed again; specifics of Phase 2 are still being determined and will depend on data from Phase 1.Review the reopening guidance for the public to help restart public life while maintaining healthy Oregon communities.