The eye-popping work of local photographer Rodger Bennett is featured in the monthly art exhibit at the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce’s Visitor Center in November, and is scheduled to carry over, with changes, into December. The Chamber features a different local artist’s exhibit each month.

“This year we’ll have a collection of local scenes with some new ones to follow later in the month.  All will be shown as metal prints, some with vibrant colors, some with stark contrasts in black and white. The Siuslaw waterfront is the major backdrop for the work and includes some unique shots of the McCullough bridge over the Siuslaw River,” says Bennett.

“There are a couple of familiar local scenes on display as well; although the images are not the frequently seen angles of the locations we all know and love,” he adds.

Bennett’s photos on high-gloss metal feature sharp-as-a-tack detail and brilliant color. All are available to purchase after the exhibit ends in December. His gallery/office is at 1234 Rhododendron Dr., suite 7.

Bennett has many years of shooting and processing still photos and remains obsessed with the fundamentals that make a great photograph: light, shadows, composition, and emotion. But to the question of his certificates or honors, he’ll only admit to “a few prizes and ribbons and lots of ooohs and aaaahhs.”

Bennett’s work generally includes what he enjoys most—Oregon landscapes, wildlife, art, action photography, individual and family portraits, and business/commercial photography.

Regarding Florence’s bourgeoning art scene, Bennett thinks it is on a very positive trajectory.

“It seems that the quality of art in Florence has been pretty remarkable, but the display and marketing of local work has taken a giant step up.  The local galleries just seem to get better and better,” he says.

“It’s an honor to have been chosen by the Chamber to hang my work in the Visitor Center,” he adds. “And I’m thankful that the Chamber appears to see the commercial, as well as the aesthetic and cultural values, of local people’s creative abilities.  The Chamber’s support is certainly meaningful and appreciated.  It’s flattering to have one’s work included with all the attractive displays that are shown throughout the year.”

“We are delighted to have Rodger’s work on display this month at the Chamber’s visitor center,” says Chamber executive director Bettina Hannigan. “The Chamber is listed in the local art tour listings because of our monthly displays of photography, paintings, or three-dimensional art by local artists and galleries.”

Bennett can be contacted at 541-991-0777 or through his website, In November, the Chamber’s Visitors Center is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. For more information about the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce, and how to join or volunteer, visit or call 541-997-3128.