Rhododendron Court Announced!

Rhododendron Court Announced!

This week, the Rhododendron Festival Committee announced the selections for the 2018 Rhododendron Court, comprised of a Senior Court of five princesses and two princes, and a Junior Court with five princesses.

The Senior Court Princesses are Andrea Hernandez, Lainey Goss, Thelma Gentry, Alex Saindon and Denielle VanWinkle. The Senior Court Princes are Colby Waters Trent Reavis both from Siuslaw High School.

Junior Court Princesses from Siuslaw Elementary are first-grader Alleya Thomas, second-grader Jasmine Krause, fourth-grader Kylee Stinger and fifth-grader Brittney Adams. Abigail Mendez, the third-grade princess is from Mapleton.

“The students are all wonderful representatives of Florence and Mapleton,” said committee chairperson Jenna Bartlett. “These courts will be introduced at various functions during the next few months and represent Florence and the Rhododendron Festival throughout the year.” Members of the Junior and Senior Court were presented with roses by Florence Mayor Joe Henry and committee members Nancy Bosket, Jenna Bartlett and Katie Libby.

From now until May, the Senior and Junior Courts will work with the committee to develop leadership and communication skills and make public appearances in the area. Court members will be selling this year’s Rhododendron Festival commemorative buttons as a fundraiser for scholarships.

On May 17, this year’s Queen Rhododendra and King of the Coast will be crowned in a coronation ceremony at the Florence Events Center to kick off the festival weekend.